Company Secretary Services

As a part of our Corporate Compliance Services, Lyean Pte Ltd also provides your firm with the services of a Company Secretary upon request. It is crucial to note that this is a mandatory act to be complied with in accordance with the Singapore Companies Act, where you are required to appoint a Company Secretary within six months of incorporating your Singapore company.
The Job roles of the company secretary would encompass the following areas to ensure that your company complies with the regulations stipulated by IRAS and ACRA

  • Coordinating Board Meetings
  • Coordinating General Meetings
  • Comply with Company Constitution
  • Maintaining Statutory Registers
  • Updating ACRA on Statutory Returns
  • Coordinate publication and dissemination of Reports and Accounts
  • Keeping track of share Registration
  • Shareholder Communication and Monitoring
  • Handles Share and Capital Issues, Transfers and Restructuring
  • Monitors Acquisitions and Disposals
  • Ensuring Corporate Governance
  • Be the Channel of Communication for Non-Executive Directors
  • Safeguarding usage of Company Seal
  • Keep track of ACRA Compliance Alert & Reminder